Office of the Prime Minister


Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) is a Government Ministry through which the Prime Minister of Uganda provides leadership of the Ministers under the Executive arm of Government.
The Prime Minister is the Leader of Government Business in Parliament established by the Constitution of Uganda under 108 A. This specifies, in addition, that the Premier is responsible for coordination and implementation of Government Policies across Ministries, Departments and other Public Institutions.

This Ministry has a long term mission to instill and maintain efficient and effective systems in Government that enable Uganda to develop rapidly.

This Ministry commonly called OPM is made up of various directorates including:

  • Strategic Coordination & Implementation;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Directorate in charge of Disaster Preparedness, Management and Refugees;
  • Directorate in Charge of Special Programs of Northern Uganda, Karomoja, Luwero - Rewnzori and Teso Sub regions Affairs; and
  • Directorate for Administration and Finance.


Office of the Prime Minister is empowered to:

  • Lead Government Business in Parliament;
  • Monitor and Evaluate implementation of Government Policies and Programmes;
  • Coordinate the implementation of Government Policies , Programmes and Projects under a National Institutional Framework;
  • Coordinate development of capacities for prevention, preparedness, and response to natural and human induced Disasters and Refugees; and
  • Coordinate and monitor the implementation of Special Government Policies and programmes for Northern Uganda, Luwero-Rwenzori, Karamoja, Bunyoro and Teso Affairs.

The Rt. Hon Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda is the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uganda and the Political head of OPM. 
The 1st Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Leader of Government Business is Rt. Hon. Gen. Moses Ali.

The Ministry has several Ministers to provide political supervision of a number of functions under OPM and they are:

  • Minister for Karamoja - Hon. Eng. John Byabagambi; 
  • Minister for General Duties (Office of the Prime Minister) - Hon. Mary Karoro Okurut;
  • Government Chief Whip is Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa Sentamu;
  • Minister of Relief and Disaster Preparedness - Hon. Hillary Onek;

Ministers of State include:

  • Relief  and Disaster Preparedness - Hon. Musa Ecweru; 
  • Nothern Uganda - Hon. Grace Kwiyucwiny; 
  • Karamoja - Hon. Moses Kizige;  
  • Luweero Triangle - Hon. Dennis Galabuzi Ssozi; 
  • Teso Affairs - Hon. Agnes Akiror Egunyu;
  • and Bunyoro Affairs - Hon. Kiiza Ernest. 

Basic Contacts: 

P.O. Box 341
Kampala, UGANDA
TELEPHONE: General Line +256 417770500
Fax: +256 414 341 139