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The President of Uganda is provided for under Article 98 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The mandate of the President is provided for under Article 99 of the Constitution where all Executive Authority in Uganda is vested in the President. Article 108 of the constitution also provides for H.E the Vice President.

The institution of State House facilitates and supports the President, The Vice President and their families while the private offices in particular provide the official linkages with government, the foreign diplomats and the general public.

The mandate of State House is to provide at all times, support to the Presidency in order to facilitate effective and efficient performance of its constitutional and administrative responsibilities as well as to cater for the welfare and security of H.E the President, H.E the Vice President and that of their families.

Office of the Principal Private Secretary to H.E

The Private Office and Household of H.E the President is headed by the Principal Private Secretary (PPS) as the overall coordinator, supervisor and manager of the related staff and functional units. All heads of related units as well as private secretaries report to the PPS.

Office of the Deputy Principal Private Secretary to H.E

The Deputy Principal Private Secretary (DPPS) assists the Principal Private Secretary in general administration and management of selected correspondences. In addition, to reduce the span of control and enable the PPS operate more efficiently, some of the Private Secretaries are required to report directly to the DPPS from time to time.

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