Culture and Tribes


The Uganda Museum is the oldest museum in East Africa and houses objects of archeological, paleontological,historical and ethnographical nature.The museums key functions are; research,collection,documentation,and exhibition.

Museum was officially established in 1908 and opened to the public in a Sikh Temple at Lugards Fort on old Kampala hill.
In 1941 the museum moved to Makerere School of Fine Art, under the curatorship of Margret Trowel.
In 1954 the Museum moved to its  present home  at Kitante Hill and celebrated 100 years of existence in 2008.
"Sustainably manage the museum and monuments in Uganda"
Secure Uganda's rich and vibrant heritage for humanity, through a harmonised coordination and partnership with the private sector.

    Sustainably manage and develop ugandas museums and monuments
    Promote cultural heritage conservation through research and training
    Mitigate negative impacts of development on cultural heritage
    Promote heritage awareness programmes

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