National Priorities



The Ministry of Finance has allocated Shs. 115.9 billion to the Education sector for financial year 2011-2012. Emphasis will be placed on building on the successes of Universal Primary and Secondary Education by giving priority to the following interventions in the next financial year:- Extension of free Universal education to A-level and Business, Technical, Vocational and Education Training (BTVET) beginning in January 2012, Shs. 58.8 billion has been allocated. In addition, there will be scaling up of Universal Secondary Education with an additional allocation of Shs.

Security and Good Governance

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Energy and Mineral Development

The mandate of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD) is "To establish, promote the development, strategically manage and safeguard the rational and sustainable exploitation and utilization of energy and mineral resources for social and economic development".

Roles and Functions

Enhancing agricultural production and productivity

The National Development Plan identifies agriculture as a vital contributory growth sector capable of reducing poverty and stimulating economic growth. Accordingly, in FY2011/12 priority interventions will focus on increasing production and productivity, agro-processing and increase enterprise efficiency through commodity value chains.

Government will also continue with the ongoing efforts to provide affordable finance to enable farmers acquire necessary infrastructure to promote transformation to commercial agricultural production.

Employment Creation for the Youth, Women and SME's

As a first step to address employment challenges, Ministry of Finance has allocated Shs. 44.5 billion towards creating jobs in the financial year 2011-2012.

The following interventions shall be implemented:-

Infrastructure Development in Roads, Railways and Energy

Priority allocations are being made to power generation, road networks, irrigation schemes, schools and improvement of health infrastructure. This builds on our steady progress made in these areas over the past years.


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