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Tourism Sites in Uganda

Uganda “the Pearl of Africa” as called by Sir Winston Churchill In 1909 is home to largest number of primates including mountain gorillas, one of the rare animal species in the World. It is the source of the mighty River Nile which offers the best white-water rafting in the world, its blessed with the most beautiful snowcapped mountain range in Africa (Rwenzori mountains), with wonderful waterfalls, birds and vegetation. And, most important, the people of Uganda are one of the friendliest on planet earth.

Culture and Tribes

The Uganda Museum is the oldest museum in East Africa and houses objects of archeological, paleontological,historical and ethnographical nature.The museums key functions are; research,collection,documentation,and exhibition.

The Nommo Gallery

The Nommo Gallery, founded and established in 1964 by the 1959 Act of Parliament, is Uganda’s National Art Gallery and a component of the Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC). The Nommo Gallery features exhibitions of works of art by both Ugandan and foreign artists.

It sits in a secure location in the heart of Kampala City just next to State Lodge at Nakasero (Plot 4, Victoria Avenue) and boasts of an impressive assortment of art masterpieces from paintings, batiks (tie-and-dye), ceramics, art prints, photographs and sculptors, among others.

Uganda National Cultural Centre (UNCC)

The Uganda National Cultural Centre whose official acronym is UNCC, is a Ugandan statutory body that was established on the 8th October 1959 by the Uganda National Cultural Centre Act, a 1959 Act of Parliament (amended 1965). The Uganda National Cultural Centre, a semi-autonomous body was then officially inaugurated on 2nd December 1959.

UNCC VISION STATEMENT: "A vibrant Institution guided by unity in diversity, integrity and relevance to national development, nourishing, celebrating and promoting Art and Culture"

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