Ministry of Internal Affairs


Ministry of Internal Affairs is a government Ministry to facilitate the legal and orderly movement of persons to and from Uganda, regulate the residence of immigrants in the country, verify and process Uganda citizenship and enforce national and regional immigration laws for the development and security of Uganda.

The Ministry is the overseer of a number of Government bodies which include

The Directorate of citizenship also doubles as the Secretariat of the National Citizenship and Immigration Board which was established by the Uganda Constitution under Article 16.

Ministry of Internal Affairs is a member of Justice Law and Order Sector.
This Ministry has a long term mission to ensure and maintain internal security, peace and stability. This entails ensuring that law and order is maintained, citizens and foreigners residence and movements are well facilitated and to oversee Uganda’s internal security.
The Ministry is made up of  a number of directorates and departments which include;

Ministry of Internal affairs is mandated to:

  • Keep peace, law and order.
  • Provide forensic and scientific analytical testing and services.
  • Ensure safe custody, humane treatment and rehabilitation of offenders.
  • Regulate and facilitate movement of people in and out of the country.
  • Implement the amnesty Act 2000
  • Implement the Community Service Programme as an Alternative sentence under the criminal justice system.
  • Coordinate and address the proliferation of illicit Small arms and light weapons.
  • Registering and monitoring of Non Governmental Organizations.


The Minister for Internal Affairs, Hon. Gen. Jeje Odongo provides the political leadership to the Ministry.

Basic Contacts: 

P.O. Box 7165 / 7191
Kampala, UGANDA

TELEPHONE: General Line +256 414258355
Fax: +256 414 231063