Ministry of Local Government


 Ministry of Local Government is a Government Ministry responsible for guidance and overall vision of Government in local Governments.
The Ministry oversees the Government structures and operations at local levels  in Uganda such that they are harmonized and  supported to bring about socio-economic transformation of the whole country.

The Ministry composed of two Directorates of Local Government Administration and Inspection works towards sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery in the decentralized system of governance.

Ministry of Local Government is empowered:-
•    To inspect, monitor, and where necessary offer technical advice/assistance, support supervision and training to all Local Governments.
•    To coordinate and advise Local Governments for purposes of harmonization and advocacy.
•    To act a Liaison/Linkage Ministry with respect to other Central Government Ministries and Departments, Agencies, Private Sector, Regional and International   Organizations.
•    To research, analyze, develop and formulate national policies on all taxes, fees, levies, rates for Local Governments.

Minister of Local Government Hon. Adolf Mwesige is responsible for political leadership of this Ministry.

Basic Contacts: 

 General Lines: +256-414-341224

Fax Nos.: +256-414-258127/347339