Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation


The Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MoSTI) is a government institution which was created in June 2016 in recognition of the need by Government to explicitly prioritize issues relating to the Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) as a key driver for Economic Development. 


It is mandated to provide overall guidance and coordination for sciebtific research, development and the whole National innovation System in Uganda.

The mission of the MoSTI is to provice leadership, an enabling environment and resources for scientific research and knowledge based development for industrialization, competitiveness and employement creation leading to a sustainable economy.

MoSTI has three (3) directorates which include:

  • Science, Technology and Innovation Regulation;
  • Science, Research and Innovation; and
  • Techno-prenuership.

The ministry has got agencies through which it seeks to achieve the overall mission and they are:


The functions of MoSTI include:

  • Formulation of policies, plans and programs pertaining to Science, Technology and Innovation;
  • Identification of national science technology and innovation priorities;
  • Coordination, implementation and evaluation of science technology and Innovation programs;
  • Monitoring the utilization of science technology and innovation by the public and private sectors for national development;
  • Creating awareness and appreciation of STI for National Development;
  • Providing technical support for Uganda's bilateral and multilateral science and technology programs; and
  • Supporting public private partnerships in science technology and innovation.


The Minister for Science Technology and Innovation, Hon. Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, provides the political leadership to the Ministry.

Basic Contacts: 

Lumumba Avenue, Rumee Building
P.O. BOX 7466, Kampala, Uganda.