Ministry of Works and Transport


 Ministry of Works and Transport is a Government Ministry responsible for one of the important sectors that has a responsibility to plan, develop, and maintain transport infrastructure and engineering works in the country.

This Ministry aims to have the highest possible level of an economic, efficient and effective transport and engineering works infrastructure in the country.

Ministry of Works, as it is commonly known, engages in the monitoring and provision of transport infrastructure support functions, regulatory functions and research activities related to roads, rail, water or air transport and other engineering works on behalf of Government of Uganda.

Ministry of Works is comprised of a number of Directorates which include: Transport, Engineering and Works; Finance and Administration. In addition, there are other bodies like National Roads Safety Council and Transport Licensing Board affiliated to this Ministry.

This Ministry deals with specialized transport and engineering works agencies like: Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA), Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and Uganda Road Fund.

Ministry of Works and Transport is mandated to:
•    Formulate policies related to Transport and Engineering Works
•    Coordinate dialogue with Transport and Engineering Works Development Partners,
•    Support resource mobilization and budgeting, strategic planning, regulation, advising other ministries on Transport and Engineering matters,
•     Set standards and quality assurance, capacity development and technical support related to Transport and Engineering Works,
•    Provide National coordination of transport and engineering works in the areas of research, monitoring and evaluation of the overall sector performance.

Minister of Works and Transport Eng James Abraham Byandala is responsible for political leadership of this Ministry.

Basic Contacts: 

 Off Jinja Road/ Old Port Bell Rd,
P.O. Box 10, Entebbe
Kampala, Uganda
Phone: +256 256414320101/9