Office of the President


Office of the President (OP) is a Government Ministry through which the Minister for the Presidency on behalf of the Executive provides leadership in public policy management and good governance for National Development.

This Ministry was established by the Constitution of Uganda under Articles 98 and 108 which specify that there shall be a President of Uganda who shall be the Head of State, Head of Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) and the Fountain of Honour.

This Ministry commonly called to as OP is made up of various departments including:

  • Cabinet Secretariat;
  • Directorate of Ethics and Integrity;
  • Directorate of Economic Affairs and Research;
  • Security Organizations (Internal Security and External Security Organization); and
  • National Honours and Awards Chancery among others.


The Office of the President is empowered to:

  • Support the provision of overall leadership in public policy management and promotion of good governance in public institutions;
  • Provide efficient and effective support to Cabinet in discharge of its constitutional mandate of formulating and implementing government policies;
  • Cultivate and promote a favorable positive image of Uganda for enhancement of trade, investment and national culture;
  • Ensure that Government policies, programs and projects are adequately communicated, monitored and evaluated;
  • Mobilize the population towards achieving social and economic development and to promote "Prosperity for All" programs;
  •  Coordinate all Agencies fighting the HIV/AIDS Pandemic;
  •  Detect, prevent and curtail the commission of politically motivated crime and provide intelligence information to other agencies;
  •  Promote good governance in public institutions and civil society; and
  •  Ensure the welfare and security of the president, vice President and their families in an atmosphere of dignity and comfort.


  • Provision of leadership in public administration and public policy management;
  • Promoting national security;
  • Mobilizing the population for Development;
  • Provide Support to the President in fulfilling his Constitutional mandate;
  •  Supporting the Cabinet in its constitutional role of formulating, determining and implementing Public Policies;
  • Promotion of good governance;
  • Promotion of proper implementation and monitoring of government policies, programs and projects;


Basic Contacts: 

P.O. Box 7168, Parliament Avenue, Kampala-Uganda Email: Tel: 041 4 254881041 4 254881/6