Training Institutions


All institutions of learning in Uganda are regulated, supported, guided and  coordinated by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Universities in Uganda (both Public and Private)
Degree awarding institutions chartered by the National Council of higher education

Vocational and other certificate Award Institution
mechanical worships, brick laying, carpentry and wood works, metal fabrication, textiles and embroidery, cookery and nutrition, art and craft...

National Teachers Colleges and primary Teachers colleges.
regional training centres for the primary and secondary school teachers

Agricultural Training Centres
National colleges training farmers in Crop Husbandry and Animal Husbandry Practices and Management, soil science, etc

Nation Rehabilitation Centres
Child correction centre

Nursing Schools
Health Practitioners training centres for mid wifely, psychiatric and general nursing

Leadership Training Institutes
Civic and ideological training

Secondary Schools
Arts, Sciences, Single and Mixed Secondary schools

Primary and Child hood learning
Day care centres, primary schools